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Blue Heron Displaying Its Plumage
Door designed and carved by Herb Rice

This beautiful door is 8'X2.5' carved in 2" thick yellow cedar with black walnut inlays. It was designed to specification as the door to the Powder room at Heron Manor, in Blaine, WA, USA.

From top to bottom the designs are:

The Sun
Represents the life giving force.

Blue Heron displaying its plumage
The Blue Heron represents patience, poise and the hunter. Herons display their plumage in the mating ritual. They mate for life and renew their vows annually through the mating dance.

Mating Salmon
When the salmon have gone upriver, the male fights for the right to mate with the female spawning salmon. Their future is built on the strongest and healthiest salmon mating. The blue wave above the salmon is the fight through the environment, the oceans and the river.

This door and the interpretation are the creation of the artist, Herb Rice. Photograph by Mark Keller.

Contact: hjrice@coastsalishjourney.com