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Herons' Mating Dance
Beneath the Full Moon
Doors designed and carved by Herb Rice

These beautiful doors are each 8'X20" carved in 2" thick yellow cedar with black walnut inlays at the top left and right corners cut in a native motif. They were designed to specification as closet doors at Heron Manor, in Blaine, WA, USA.

The pair of Blue Herons, female on the right and male on the left are doing their mating dance beneath the full moon. Reflected in the circular designs on their wings are a modified version of the moon design.

The Blue Heron represents, patience, poise and the hunter. Herons mate for life and renew their vows annually through the mating dance.

Below the blue herons are two salmon designs in the traditional black and red. The Coast Salish people were dependant on the continuous cycle of the salmon for their survival. The salmon represent survival, continuity and fertility of the body, mind and spirit.

This door and the interpretation are the creation of the artist, Herb Rice. Photograph by Mark Keller.

Contact: hjrice@coastsalishjourney.com