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The Hunter's Totem by Herb Rice

The Hunter's Totem Pole has a traditional design. It is 18' tall carved in red cedar.

In Herb's Coast Salish culture, a totem represents family lineage and holdings.

There is a bear holding a salmon on the bottom, a beaver in the middle, and the Eagle with its wings outspread on the top.   The bear represents strength and wisdom and carries the teachings of the ancestors.   The beaver represents the hunter.   The eagle represents freedom and vision.   As a hunters totem, this piece represents the balance of knowledge and purity that a hunter needs in order to feed his family and village.    This is based on the strength ,wisdom and teachings of the ancestors represented by the bear and the respect for the total environment as well as the knowledge that every life choice one makes will effect at least seven generations of your people.

This totem represents the philosophy and values of the individual who owns it.   The totem and the interpretation are the creation of the artist, Herb Rice.
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