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Man of Honour and Vision
by Herb Rice

This talking stick is 5' tall carved in yellow cedar. There are three figures on this talking stick.

The top figure is the Eagle.   The Eagle represents Freedom and Vision Freedom is acknowledging your own freedom first and when you are strong in this only then do you begin to share your knowledge and strength with your environment.

Vision is knowing that every life choice you make will effect seven generations of your people. See Close Up

The Human Figure on the bottom is a speaker wearing a ceremonial cedar bark hat and holding a copper which represents the wealth encompassed within. See Close Up

The man is sitting on a whale’s head, the whale represents long life, not so much in years but how those years are lived, to the fullest in every moment.

In Herb's Coast Salish culture, the talking stick represented the Family Crest and was only used in very formal occasions.

A more contemporary use of the talking stick, is within small groups, organizations, family where the individual holding the talking stick is the only one with the right to speak. When speaking the holder of the taking stick must honor all present, including him or herself.

This stick and the interpretation are the creation of the artist, Herb Rice

Contact: hjrice@coastsalishjourney.com