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Sisuitl Frontlet by Herb Rice

The Sisuitl Frontlet is comprised of three pieces, 8" X 6" each, carved in yellow cedar . Each piece is onlayed with hammered copper, inlayed with abalone shell, with a light wash of ebony patina and coated with multiple layers of wax.

The main front piece is called the sisuitl. The two side pieces are called sea-wolves. All three are attached together with tanned moose hide lacing.

This frontlet is fitted with a cowl and elastic backing to fit on the head like a hat- and laced up under the chin for security.

The Sisuitl generally represented protection to whoever wore this mask or carried this insignia with them. The wearer of this frontlet was one who was regarded and respected very highly. When worn for ceremonial purposes this Mask had a shawl and boots accompanying it.

In Herb's Coast Salish culture, frontlets, like masks are an essential part of ceremonial life.

This frontlet and the interpretation are the creation of the artist, Herb Rice.

Contact: hjrice@coastsalishjourney.com