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Let the Grandmothers Speak by Herb Rice

Let The Grandmothers Speak

This standing figure is 4.5' in height. The traditional full head grandmother mask carved in cottonwood with hammered copper is adorned with horsehair. The figure is graced with a steel body adorned with a leather and mink neck ornament. She is holding a 16 inch talking stick topped by an eagle. The talking stick is carved in bass wood.

The First Nations of the North West Coast are a Matriarchal Society. This sculpure represents a need for the past to become enjoined with the present.    The Grandmothers are putting forward their right to be acknowledged for their wisdom. The talking stick gives them the right to speak and be heard in an honourable way.   The talking stick this grandmother is holding represents a wolf which represents family and leadership, the family cannot make life decisions without consulting the leader and the leader in return cannot make life decisions without consulting family.
Photos by Ernie Einarsson.

Contact: hjrice@coastsalishjourney.com