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Handmade Knives by Herb Rice

Custom Carving knife sets available:

The blades I make are of new High Quality Swedish steel used in making Sawmill band-saw blades.

The individual knife blades are:
5/8th inch width, 2 inch blade with 3 inch tang
- Single edge knife blades(#1 & #2 in drawing)45.00
- Double edged partially bent knife blades(#3)52.50
- Hook knife blades 60.00
- Basic carving knife set of all 3, as in drawing 142.50 /set
Handles made from Yellow Cedar and are 7 inches
If any of these individual knives are of interest to you
Message or call me: 250-701-3086
9am - 5pm Tuesday to Saturday.
Shipping and taxes not included
If you would like to order more sets for programs the prices will differ depending on how many sets you order.

Contact: hjrice@coastsalishjourney.com