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Spiritual Awakening
Doors designed and carved by Herb Rice

This pair of beautifully carved 3'X 6'8"doors (standard size for outside) are constructed with a red cedar frame surrounding a yellow cedar panel which depicts the Thunderbird and the Serpent.

The Thunderbird represents the human connection to creator and creation. The Serpent, comes from the earth at its birth, bringing with it all the healing wealth that comes from the plants that grow there. The Thunderbird is our connection to our spiritual side and the Serpent is our connection to the earth, our groundedness.

In this depiction, the Thunderbird is holding the Serpent in its claws, not in battle, but in the inner turmoil of finding the spiritual self within, while retaining a solid connection to the wealth of the earth and its healing powers.

Photograph by Ernie Einarsson.

Contact: hjrice@coastsalishjourney.com