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The Chinook Salmon by Herb Rice

The Chinook Salmon is a carved red cedar wall plaque, 4' in length based on Coastal Salish traditional artistic concepts.

The Chinook Salmon, Tyee Salmon, Spring Salmon, Smily: The largest salmon of the Pacific coast is known by all these names.

To the Salish people of this area the Salmon was life itself, it was readily available in the fall and springtime.

The Salmon was caught in "Weirs" or gated control fences that went across the Cowichan River for easy capture and insurance that enough salmon went upriver to maintain continuity.

In local lore, the salmon were a gift to the people and as long as there bones were returned to the river, the salmon would return. The Salmon represent: Survival, continuity and fertility of body, mind and spirit.

This plaque and the interpretation are the creation of the artist Herb Rice.

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Top two photographs by Ernie Einarsson.

Contact: hjrice@coastsalishjourney.com